"La bruja" is in a style of music called Jarocho from the city of Veracruz. It's one of the most popular tunes for traditional dance there. There's a dance that accompanies this song.

"La bruja" means "the witch". It's a type of witch that sucks blood like a vampire. This song is the story of an old maid who wants to catch a man (at least one!).


There are many versions of this song.


"In order to continue the tradition in future generations, child-friendly movie versions of the song are written...

...La Bruja' was one of the favorite songs of the Mexican painter Diego Rivera, the two-time husband of the painter Frida Kahlo, and was also included in the film Frida, in which Salma Hayek, in the role of Frida Kahlo, also sings this song." Wikipedia (Translated from the German text)

In the video below they sing the following verses instead of verses 7 & 8 above:

A una bruja me encontré
Que en el aire iba volando,
Que en el aire iba volando,
A una bruja me encontré,
¡ay mamá!

Al verla le pregunté,
A quién andaba buscando.
Busco a un señor como usted,
Pa' que me cante un Huapango,
¡ay mamá!


I found a witch
That was flying in the air,
That was flying in the air,
I found a witch,
Oh, mama.

When I saw her, I asked her,
Who was she looking for
I'm looking for a gentleman like you,
For him to sing me a huapango*,
Oh, mama.

*A type of musical style.
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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translated by Lisa Yannucci. Thanks for Monique Palomares for the corrections.