Variations of "Un, dos, tres, pescao" are played around the world. It's the equivalent of "Red Light, Green Light, 1, 2, 3"

Game Instructions

"Un, dos, tres, pescao" is played with a group of people.

The group stands on one end of the playing area, at the starting line. The person who is "It" stands at the other end, at the finish line, usually facing a wall.

The person who's "It" stands with his back to the group. He says, "Un, dos, tres, pescao". Then he quickly turns around to face the group.

While he is facing away from the group, the people in the group run towards the finish line. Meanwhile, as soon as the one who's "It" finishes saying, "Un, dos, tres, pescao" he quickly turns around to face the group. The group must freeze. Anyone who is caught moving has to go back to the starting line.

The game continues like this until someone reaches the finish line. That person wins and is "It" in the next round.

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