This love song (or another version of it) inspired the lyrics of the song of freedom called Bella ciao.


*Meaning she'll think of her beloved.

You'll find this songs and many other versions in "Canti popolari del Piemonte" by Costatino Nigra, 1888.

Here is the Veneto (Venice) version:

Sta matin me son levata prima ancora che spunta el sol,
E a la finestra me son trata e g'ò visto el mio primo amor.

Sta matina so andata in piazza e g'ò visto el mio primo amor;
El parlava co una ragazza; ahi che pena! ahi che dolor !

Siora mare, sarè la porta, che non entra qua più nissun ;
Voi far finta d'esser morta, voi far pianzer qualchedun.

Voi far fare 'na cassa fonda che ghe stemo drente in tre:
Lo mio padre, la mia madre, lo mio amore in braccio a me.

E po' in fondo de quella cassa impianteremo un gran bel fior,
Alla sera l'impianteremo, la matina el sarà fiorì.

Tutti quelli che passeranno oh! diranno, oh che bel fior!
Questo è 'l fior de Rosettina che xe morta per amor.

Siora mare, lasse che lo ama, che l'è sta el mio primo amor,
Se no ghe ogio, mor ogni fiama, za non m'avete fato do cor.

English Translation

This morning I got up before sunrise
And I went to the window and I saw my first love.

This morning, I went to the square and I saw my first love;
He was talking to a girl, oh, what pain! Oh, what suffering!

(My lady) mother, close the door, nobody will come in here;
I'm pretending to be dead, I want to make some people cry.

I want to have a deep crate made where we'll be the three of us:
My father, my mother, my love in my arms.

And then, at the bottom of this crate, we'll plant a large, beautiful flower,
In the evening we'll plant it, in the morning it'll be blooming.

All those who will pass, oh, they'll say, "Oh, what a beautiful flower,
This is the flower of little Rosy who died of love.

(My lady) mother, let me love him since he's my first love,
If there's no oil any flame will die, you haven't made me a heart yet.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translated by Monique and Lisa.