This rhyme can also be found as "Bitsche, Batsche, Peter".


"I am 70 years old and when I was a baby and toddler, my grandmother, who was from Badkissingen, Germany, held me on her knees facing her and recited a sing-song kind of poem while bouncing me and clapping my hands in time. My grandmother's grandfather sang this to her and she sang it to my mother and her three brothers and then to me. I sang it to my daughter 40-some years ago..." -Sharon

Game Instructions

The adult has the child on her lap facing her. The adult should hold and support the child throughout the song. She gently lifts her knees up and down to the rhythm. On the last part, the adult holds the child and gently leans the child back.

You can hear this rhyme at 0:10 in the video below...

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Sharon for bringing a version of this rhyme to our attention!