Game Instructions

1. On "Lisa": Simultaneously, the 1st partner claps their left hand down on the 2nd person's right hand which claps up, while the 1st partner also claps their right hand up on the 2nd person's left hand which claps down. Then they clap each other's hands in front of them. Then clap hands 3 times.

2. On "The Warrior" - Repeat instructions for #1
3. On "Came here" - Repeat #1
4. On "Last year" - Repeat #1
5. On each word of line #5 (Lisa Warrior, came here last year) - Follow the instructions for #1 but don't clap 3 times.
6. On line 6 play "Rock, Paper, Scissors".

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.