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The gender of the animals are left in their original form in the translation.

* "mosquital" isn't an actual Spanish word; it's built on the same pattern as the words for "a place full of…" usually fruit trees.


Sheet Music

Sheet Music - El piojo y la pulga

Thanks and Acknowledgements

This song was collected by Vicente T. Mendoza and published in 1951 in his "Lírica infantil de México". The song originated in Spain. A different version was collected by Francisco Rodríguez Martín in 1882. In his book, he mentions that it was previously published by his friend Antonio Machado y Alvárez under his alias "Demófilo" in the Sevillan magazine "La Enciclopedia" –año IV, n° 12, 1880.

Translated by Monique Palomares and Lisa Yannucci. Illustration by Monique.

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