On each line wiggle the baby's finger starting with the pinkie.


Another version:

Niño chiquito y bonito,
el señor de los anillos,
el largo y flaco,
y mira lejos,
y el cuadrilongo.

English Translation:

Nice and teeny boy
The master of the rings,
The long and thin one,
And looking far away,
And the rectangular one.


Another version:

Este es el niño chiquito y bonito.
Este es el rey de los anillos.
Este es el tonto y loco.
Este es el lame cazuelas.
Y este es el mata piojos.

English Translation:

This one is the tiny and pretty boy,
This one is the king of the rings,
This one is the silly and crazy one,
This one is the pot licker
And this one is the lice killer.


Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translations by Lisa and Monique.