From Andalusia, the southernmost province of Spain. This folkloric song was collected by Federico García Lorca in the 1920s.


*Equivalent of "Frankie".
**The last verse is the ultimate putdown for an aspiring bullfighter (all flash and no substance).


"The word 'chinitas' in 'El café de chinitas' probably means 'tiny pebbles' in this context. In Andalusia (southern Spain) 'chinas' are 'pebbles' from the Mediterranean seashore. Another meaning could be 'china dolls' (i.e. good-looking women)." -Nancy

Note: The "Café de Chinitas" was a small theater/"singing" café in Malaga between 1857 and 1937. It seems to owe its name to the small pebbles (chinitas) that covered its patio floor.



Many thanks to Nancy Membrez for sharing this song and for singing it for us!