Trudy Kernd wrote:

"Another verse to 'If the bogey man':

Oh good evening pray how do you do,
We are babies come to sign to you,
Cheeks like roses hair that's all a curl,
How'd you like to be a baby girl?

If the Doctors, spectacle on nose,
Felt your pulse and said, if I suppose
A dose of Castor-oil is the very best,
How'd you like to be a baby girl?"

Joan Lucas wrote:

"I was talking with my sister about old songs and rhymes and 'How'd You Like to Be a Baby Girl' came up. We remember the second verse as:

Eyes like diamonds, they can smile at you
Every colour brown and grey and blue,
Cheeks with dimples, teeth as white as pearl
How'd you like to be a baby girl?

If father Christmas brought you lots of toys
Dolls to cuddle drums to make a noise
Balls to toss and skipping ropes to twirl
How'd you like to be a baby girl?

Also a not so politically correct verse these days:

If your mother gave you smacky smack
And my word she knows the way to whack
Sometimes here and sometimes on your back
How'd you like to be a baby girl?

That's all the verses we can remember but more may come back. We used to sing it as a song." -Joan

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Sylvia Cebula for sharing this rhyme with us! Thanks to Trudy Kernd and Joan Lucas for the extra verses.

Thank you!