"Boys and girls play 'Fazzoletto pio, pio' in kindergarten. They really like this game because it's a speed race." -Emanuela

This song is in the Venetian Dialect.


Standard Italian Translation:

Fazzoletto pio, pio.
Chi trova lui trova dietro.
Chi trova lui davanti.
Fazzoletto dei briganti.

Game Instructions

The children sit in a circle looking forward. The person who is "It" goes around the outside of the circle holding a handkerchief behind her back while all the kids sing the song. Eventually, the one who's "It" surreptitiously drops the handkerchief behind a child's back and starts running around the circle. The other child has to pick up the handkerchief and run around the circle in the opposite direction of the one who's "It". Whoever gets back to the child's spot first sits down. The other one is "It" in the next round.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Emanuela Marsura for contributing and translating this song!