A "plumpsack" is someone who's overweight and inelegantly dressed.

Game Instructions

The children sit in a circle except for the one who is "It". She goes around the outside of the circle holding a handkerchief while everyone sings this song. Finally, she drops the handkerchief (or other item) behind a child. That child has to pick up the handkerchief and chase the one who's "It" around the circle until the one who's "It" takes the 2nd child's spot. If the one who's "It" is caught first, she continues being "It".

If the 2nd child never notices that the handkerchief was dropped behind him, he has to sit in the middle of the circle for a turn as a penalty. All of the kids sing to him, "1-2-3 ins faule Ei" (One, two, three, into the rotten egg!).

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