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世  上    只   有   妈 妈 好  (Shi shang zhi you mama hao) - Taiwanese Children's Songs - Taiwan - Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs and Rhymes from Around the World  - Intro Image


Pinyin (Pronunciation)

Shì shàng zhí yǒu mā ma hǎo
yǒu mā de hái zi xiàng gè bǎo
tóu jìn le mā ma de huái bào
xìng fú xiǎng bù liǎo

Shì shàng zhí yǒu mā ma hǎo*
méi mā de hái zi xiàng gēn cǎo
lí kāi mā ma de huái bào
xìng fú nǎ lǐ zhǎo

*Some sing this line is: "Méi yǒu mā ma zuì kú nǎo" - 没  有  妈 妈 最  苦 恼 (A child without a mommy is worried and anxious.


Seren Koo wrote the following info about this song, "...a very popular old song from a 1958 movie called 'Wandering Orphan' starring 11 year old Josephine Siao (Xiao Fang Fang)."

Sadao wrote, "In my book that published by a NPO, it says 'This is the theme music in the film of 'Mother Love Me Once Again' produced in Taiwan and after the TV dramatization it became quite popular.'"



Many thanks to Rhianna Barr for contributing, translating and singing this song for us!

In the video below you can hear this song played on an instrument called the guzheng or gu zheng.
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Illustrated by: George Washington Hood (1921) - The Chinese Fairy Book.

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