"Hänschen klein" can also be translated as "Little Hans".

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According to Wikipedia, "Hänschen klein" was written by Franz Wiedemann (1821–1882) and published in 1860 in "Alte Lieder, neue Worte" (Old Songs, New Words) in the 4th edition of his collection,"Samenkörner für Kinderherzen" (Seeds for Children's Hearts).

The melody is found in a transcript written and dated as a dance tune in a music manuscript: "Heinrich Nicol Philipp zu Seibis den 30 Junius 1784".


"In the German dubbed version of 2001: A Space Odyssey the HAL 9000 computer sings 'Hänschen klein' (instead of 'Daisy Bell') while deactivated..." -Wikipedia

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Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Hänschen klein

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