Rebekah wrote:

"My grandma's Scottish and it went:

Roon aboot roon aboot
Wen a wee moos
Up a stair
Up a stair
In a wee hoose.

That was all there was as far as I know."


Elizabeth wrote:

"As Rebekah has said above …. my father was raised by his Scottish grandparents & would repeat this while making a circle in a grandchild's palm & then 'uppa stair' would be his fingers going up an arm and 'in a wee hoos' = tickle in an armpit. My father has died, but each of his great grandchildren know of 'roon a boot' & will extend a hand while looking forward to the tickle at the end."


Jackie wrote...

"My mother was from Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland. She used to make little circles on our hands and run up our arm til she tickled us under our chin. She said it with a Scottish accent:

Roon aboot, roon aboot, roon a wee moose
Up agin, up agin, to his wee hoose.

As a child, this would set me off giggling... as I knew what was going to happen. Such a simple wee game to play with a little one. I also liked the tickling of my palm of my hand as she made little circles."

Game Instructions

Lines 1 & 2 - Make circles on the hand.
Line 3 - Walk fingers up the arm.
Line 4 - Tickle under the arm.


This is the Scottish version of Round About.

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Rebekah, Elizabeth and Jackie for sharing their families' versions of this rhyme.