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*Zakor Dóra wrote that this is a play on words. She said in Hungarian they idiomatically say someone is "dangling her legs" if she's not doing anything. In English we'd say, put your feet up (in that case it would have the sense of relaxing). One way to translate it into English for the sense of the rhyme could be:

She is putting her feet up, puttin',
She doesn't have any work,
If she did have work,
She wouldn't be putting her feet up.

Alternate translations are welcome. -Lisa

The version in the YouTube below is slightly different:

Lóg a lába, lóg a,
Nincs is semmi dolga.
Mert ha dolga volna,
A lába nem lógna.

Loose translation:

He is dangling his legs, dangling,
There is nothing to do.
Because if he did have something to do
His feet wouldn't be dangling.
Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Lóg a lába, lóga

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Zakor Dóra for contributing and translating this song.

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