This lullaby is thought to be from an old Gaelic Irish lullaby that's been translated into English by Edward Walsh. Some sources say it was originally written in English by Walsh but that the tune is from ancient Ireland. We haven't been able to find a Gaelic version.

This lullaby is about a baby who was stolen by the fairies...


(1) Keeners - mourners - people wailing and lamenting the dead
(2) Fairy Host
(3) Fairy Music

Below is a shorter, less ominous version of this lullaby.

Sweet babe, a golden cradle holds thee,
Shuheen sho, lulo lo!
And soft the snow-white fleece enfolds thee,
Shuheen sho, lulo lo!
In airy bower I'll watch thy sleeping,
Shuheen sho, lulo lo!
Where branchy trees to the breeze are sweeping,
Shuheen sho, lulo lo!


Sheet Music

Sheet Music - The Fairy Nurse

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translated from the original Irish Gaelic by Edward Walsh or originally written in English by Edward Walsh.