The Fog – A Poem with a Recording

The Fog was written by Lola Ridge (1883 – 1941), an Irish-American poet.

You can listen to two recitations of the poem below and read along with the text…

The Fog – 1st Recording

The Fog – 2nd Recording

The Fog
By Lola Ridge

Out of the lamp-bestarred and clouded dusk –Claude_Monet_wiki
Snaring, illuding, concealing,
Magically conjuring –
Turning to fairy-coaches
Beetle-backed limousines
Scampering under the great Arch –
Making a decoy of blue overalls
And mystery of a scarlet shawl –
Indolently –
Knowing no impediment of its sure advance –
Descends the fog.

1st Recording by Maria Kasper
2nd Recording by Tomas Peter

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