Can Anyone Help with a Song that Starts, "Is you the little (boy/girl) who’s always knocking at my door?"

Randolph Stilson wrote to us asking for help with a song.  Here’s his email…

Can someone identify this song?

A song my grandmother Essie Eleanor (Edwards) Stilson used to sing:

Listen to an MP3 Recording of the Song

The melody (I assume 4/4 time and think in the key of B flat-represented as A# here because of keyboard limitations) goes something like:

C-F-E-F-E-F-E-F-D-E-D-E– G-C (quarter notes except last note half note?)
Is you the little (boy/girl) who’s always knocking at my door?
And if I asks you what you want you always asks for more.

D-C-D-A#  (all half notes perhaps)
Is you, Is you

Is you the little (boy/girl) who’s always coming back?

And when I asks you what you want you want another snack.

Half notes
Is you?  You is!

Sorry I am unable to notate this properly.

If anyone can help with this song, please let us know in the comments below.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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