Does Anyone Know an Irish Lullaby called “Ah, Bonny Boo”?

Ann wrote about an Irish family lullaby:

Hi, here’s a family lullaby that was sang to my family since before the 1940s. Based in Dublin, Ireland.

Ahh Bonny Boo

Ahh Bonny Boo,
I love you, if you only go a sleepy for your Mammy,
I’ll put in the sack and give you away to Jack, and I’II bar up the door with the poker.


Is anyone familiar with this lullaby? Ann wasn’t sure if it’s unique to her family or if other people sing it. If you know this lullaby, please comment below.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa


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One Response to “Does Anyone Know an Irish Lullaby called “Ah, Bonny Boo”?”

  1. Caoimhe Clery Says:

    The version I know goes

    “Ahh baa-be boo I love you,
    but you won’t go asleepy for your Mammy.”

    I didn’t know that there were more lyrics.

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