The Gaelic version of this song is known as "An Coineachan" and the English version is called "Highland Fairy Lullaby".

"This lullaby first appeared in the Duanaire, edited by D. C. Macpherson (1864). It is supposed to be sung by a disconsolate mother whose babe has been stolen by the fairies. In each verse she mentions some impossible task she has performed, but she still has not found her baby. Coineachan is a term of endearment applied to child." -Fionn (Celtic Monthly, 1893)

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Loose Translation of the Chorus:

Oh lady, oh lady, the young Godfrey,
The young Godfrey, the young Godfrey,
Oh lady, oh lady, the young Godfrey,
I've lost my darling baby!

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translated by L. MacBean, author of "Songs of the Highlands".