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*A gleeful exclamation pronounced "salay". On that word, the hand goes up onto the child's face gently squishing the cheeks.


Here is the rhyme in standard Italian:

Batti manini che vieni Papa!
Porta cosine e se ne va
Porta mandorle e noccioli
Per accordare questa figliola / questo figliolo


Here's another version:

Batti i manini ca veni papa'
Porta cusuzzi e sinni va
porta mennuli e nuciddi pi accuntintari i picciriddi
porta mennuli e castagni pi accuntintari a chiddi ranni

Clap your hands, daddy is coming
He brings little things and goes away
He brings almonds and nuts to make happy the little ones
He brings almonds and chestnuts to make happy the old ones.

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Toni C. for contributing this "hand clapping song" and for translating it in both English and standard Italian. Thanks to Filippo for the 2nd version with its translation.

Thanks to Marisa Roche for the drawing!

Grazzie mille!