Here's a Polish counting-out rhyme for choosing who's "It" or who goes first in a game. The rhyme itself is basically nonsense.


*Kasia is a name.

Lucyferka wrote, "It's really a nonsense rhyme.

It's just a proposition to keep a rhyme [the translation below] …

Here, here, teddy bear
Teddy Katy milky will
Teddy A, teddy B
Teddy Katy milky will

Misia = teddy bear
Kasi = Katy
bella = from Italian beautiful

All the other words haven't any sense
(cela = cell but it's not this meaning)"


We welcome alternate translations!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Agnieszka Magnucka for sending us this rhyme and to Lucyferka for the 2nd translation! First translation by Mama Lisa.