*We think "tacci e taccin" means "staccia il staccio" in standard Italian = "the sifter sifts". We'd like to confirm this - if anyone has more information about this phrase, please email me. Thanks!

**The original is tagliolini which are noodles like spaghetti but a little thicker.

Here's another version in the Romagnolo dialect:

Stacia e stacin

Stacia e stacin
che farem do taiolin
do per il babbo, do per la mamma
do per tut la compagnia
la Chiara buttala via!

English Translation:

The Sifter Sifts

The sifter sifts
So that we can make two noodles
Two for daddy, two for mommy
Two for all our company
Throw Claire (baby's name) away!


This rhyme can also be found in the online pdf in Italian Un mare di filastrocche.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Dave Helmick for pointing out this rhyme.

Translated by Lisa Yannucci and Monique Palomares.

Grazie mille!