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Marylu recited Odd and Even Numbers in English for us too. You can click the link to hear it.

Game Instructions

All players must hold hands making a circle. Then they go around as they sing the song.

Once you finish the song, a designated person will say a number (from 1 to the maximum amount of players in the circle). Then, the players have to find enough people to a make group with the number the person said. (Ex. the number is 5, you need a group of five people together.) You can have as many groups as you can make with the players.

The people who didn't find a group have to leave the game.


Marylu wrote: "I'm Mexican and a while ago was invited to a kindergarten class in the US (I used to live there) to talk about my country. Part of the request was to sing a song with the kids.

I tried to think of one that would be easy for the kids to catch. So, I came up with PARES Y NONES (even and odd numbers). Luckily, the kids knew the difference between even and odd numbers, they had just had that class a few weeks before the day I visited them.

Anyway, the idea of this song is to practice numbers.

I know other countries like Colombia sing it, but with different lyrics."



Thanks to Marylu Ramírez for singing Pares y nones for us!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Marylu Ramírez for contributing this song and translating it and for providing the instructions of the game. Thanks to Lila Pomerantz for the drawing!

¡Muchas gracias!