This is sung to the tune of the popular lullaby, Schlaf, Kindlein, schlaf (Sleep, Baby, Sleep).

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Another version of the rhyme has the bug as "Maikäferchen" (Maybird).

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

This rhyme can be found in Liederbuch des deutschen Volkes (1843) by Breitkopf und Härtel. It can also be found in Erk und Irmer, Die Deutschen Volkslieder, Berlin (1839) iv. 7, Das Maikäferlied. It can also be found in the first volume of the song collection, Des Knaben Wunderhorn, (1806/1808) by Achim von Arnim and Clemens Brentano.

Translation by Lisa Yannucci and Monique Palomares – based on the translation in Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales, A Sequel to the Nursery Rhymes of England (1849) by James Orchard Halliwell.

Illustration: "Beetle, fly!" Drawing by Emil Schmidt (1879) - edited by Lisa.

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