*Leche merengada is a drink that's like a shake or slushy. It's made with milk, cinnamon, sugar, lemon zest and egg whites. The egg whites are made into a meringue and mixed in and the whole mixture is chilled in the freezer for a couple of hours. It's sometimes made thicker and eaten as ice cream.
**Tolón, tolón is an onomatopoeia imitating the sound of big bells ringing (= ding dong).


At the end of Alicia's rendition in the recording she sings...

"Qué felices viviremos cuando vuelvas a mi lado
con tus quesos, ricos quesos
que son toda mi ilusión."

(How happy we will live when you come back to me
with your cheeses, delicious cheeses,
which are all my joy.)


Many thanks to Alicia Calvo for recording this song for us.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Ccibian for contributing this song.

Translated by Monique and Lisa.

¡Muchas gracias!