Al ha kir tipes lo, Akavish Katan
Tip tipot shel geshem girshu oto m'sham.
Ba pitom hashemesh
shibsha et kol ha gan.
Ba pitom hashemesh
shibsha et kol ha gan.
Al ha kir tipes lo, akavish katan
Tip tipot shel geshem,
girshu oto m'sham.

Chashavti she tafasti oto,
Aval.....fistasti oto!

The video has a slightly different version of this song and includes another song. Betsy Diamant-Cohen sent us the words to it with the following note...

It is a very popular song for preschoolers in Israel. Below is the transliteration and the translation:

Ha auto shelanu gadol v'yarok
Ha auto shelanu nosaya rahok.
Baboker nosaya, ba'erev hu shav.
Movil m'tnuva batzeem v'chalav.

Our car is big and green
Our car drives very far.
In the morning, our car leaves,
But in the evening, it returns….
Bringing us eggs and milk from Tnuva (the dairy cooperative).

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Betsy Diamant-Cohen for contributing this song and for the words to the 2nd song on the video.

Toda raba!
Thank you in Hebrew Text