This is like the English game of Pat-a-Cake.

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Here's a slightly different version Lisa sent:

Backe, backe Kuchen
Der Bäcker hat gerufen
Wer will guten Kuchen machen
Der muss haben sieben Sachen
Zucker und Salz
Eier und Schmalz
Milch und Mehl
Safran macht den Kuchen gel!
Schieb, schieb in'n Ofen hinein.

English Translation

Bake, bake a cake
The baker calls
Who wants to make good cake?
You need seven ingredients:
Sugar and salt
Eggs and malt
Milk and flour
[But] Saffron really makes the cake
Put it into the oven.


This song is thought to originate before 1840.

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Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Backe, backe Kuchen

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Simone Robertson for contributing this song and to Monique Palomares for creating the midi music. Thanks to Lisa and the staff from the German Australian Playschool in Canberra, Australia, for contributing and translating a version of this song.

Many thanks to Berny for contributing the second version.

Vielen Dank!