Ilu hotzianu mimitzrayim, v'lo asah vahem sh'fatim, dayeinu.
IIu asah vahem sh'fatim, v'lo asah veiloheihem, dayeinu.
Ilu asah veiloheihem, v'lo harag et b'choreihem, dayeinu.
Ilu harag et b'choreihem, v'lo natan lanu et mamonam, dayeinu.
Ilu natan lanu et mamonam, v'lo kara lanu et hayam, dayeinu.
Ilu kara lanu et hayam, v'lo heeviranu v'tocho vecharavah, dayeinu.
Ilu heeviranu v'tocho vecharavah, v'lo shika tzareinu b'tocho, dayeinu.
Ilu shika tzareinu b'tocho, v'lo sipeik tzor'keinu bamidbar arbaim shanah, dayeinu.
Ilu sipeik tzor'keinu bamidbar arbaim shanah, v'lo heechilanu et haman, dayeinu.
Ilu heechilanu et haman, v'lo natan lanu et hashabat, dayeinu.
Ilu natan lanu et hashabat, v'lo keir'vanu lifnei har sinai, dayeinu.
Ilu keir'vanu lifnei har sinai, v'lo natan lanu et hatorah, dayeinu.
Ilu natan lanu et hatorah, v'lo hichnisanu l'eretz yisraeil, dayeinu.
Ilu hichnisanu l'eretz yisraeil, v'lo vanah lanu et beit hab'chirah, dayeinu.


Many people sing three verses during the actual Seder. These are often:

(1) If He had brought us out from Egypt,
and had not carried out judgments against them,
Dayenu, it would have sufficed!

(11) If He had fed us the manna,
and had not given us the Sabbath,
Dayenu, it would have sufficed!

(14) If He had given us the Torah,
and had not brought us into the land of Israel,
Dayenu, it would have sufficed!

Matthew Levie wrote, "There's something like 15 verses to the song, and at every seder I've ever been to, it inevitably devolves into utter confusion as every guest tries to sing the verses in a different order :-)

...I think the verses the guy sings in the video are pretty much the only ones anybody ever sings, because the other ones don't scan well. So I've been to very Orthodox seders where people do every verse, but it just doesn't sound good."

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Matthew Levie for helping with this song and commenting on it!