Virginia wrote, "I am originally from Monterrey N.L., Mex. When I was a little girl, we used to play this. It's really a pretend song that tells what each child would like to be when they grow up."

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Virginia wrote: "In this case, 'talleres' means the different careers/professions in life."

Game Instructions

Virginia wrote: "We would form a circle holding hands and mention whatever vocation or job we wanted when we grew up. As we mentioned the vocation, we would act out the job. For example: in the verse with the secretary, we would pretend we were typing, "la señorita" - powdering our face. The bricklayer would pretend to lay bricks, etc. It was endless and could turn into an all day thing."



Many thanks to Virginia Torres for contributing and singing this song for us! Thanks to Marisa Roche for the drawing!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translation by Mama Lisa.

¡Muchas gracias!