This Little Piggy in Italian...

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Anna Calise sent another version:

This Little Piggy in Italian...

Pollice dice non c'e' pane
Indice dice come faremo ?
Medio dice lo compreremo
Anulare dice, ma c'e n'e' un pezzettino
e Mignolo dice: dammelo a me che io sono il piu' piccino.

English Translation:

Thumb says, "There is no bread."
Index says, "What will we do?"
Middle says, "We will buy it."
Ring says, "There is a little piece."
And Pinky says, "Give it to me, because I'm the smallest."

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Emanuela for contributing and translating the 1st version of this song and to Anna Calise for the 2nd version.

Thanks to Sarina Longin for the drawing of the hand!

Grazzie mille!