This one's a bit gross, but it is a kids rhyme and that's how they often go. There are two versions of this rhyme. One is "Sotto il ponte di Malacca" and the other is "Sotto il ponte di Baracca" - the name of the bridge is different in each. You'll find both versions below.


* Reference to playing cards

Other Version:

Sotto il ponte di Baracca

Sotto il ponte di Baracca
c'è Pierin che fa la cacca.
La fa dura, dura, dura,
il dottore la misura.
La misura trenta trè
uno, due, tre!

English Translation:

Under the Baracca Bridge

Under the Baracca bridge,
There's Little Johnie making a poo,
Hard, so hard he does it.
The doctor measures it,
He measures it: thirty-three,
One, two, three.

Game Instructions

Anna wrote, "This song is a game in which a child must sing a song counting out the children to see who starts the game. Counting out one child at a time, the last child to be counted out is the first to play!

'Il ponte di Malacca' is a bridge in Apulia; we used to sing the song to taunt the child who was named when singing!"


Gross rhymes are usually passed to the next generation far from parents' and teachers' ears.

The version in the video is "Sotto il ponte di Baracca".
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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Anna Simonetti from Foggia, Italy, for contributing this song.

Grazzie mille!