Gian Carlo wrote me, "'Le ciotoline' means 'little bowls' ('ciotola' is a sort of cup)." The first line refers to joining your hands to make a cup or bowl to get water to drink (from the brook). That's what "do the little bowls" means in the second line.



Gian Carlo wrote, "I found the tape where many years ago I recorded the Italian rhyme 'Le ciotoline'. I took the attached recording in 1981. The 'singer' was my wife (unfortunately she passed away some years ago). She sang this for our son, who was one year old."

This page is in honor of Gian Carlo's wife.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Le ciotoline

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Gian Carlo Macchi for contributing and translating this song, for the recording and the musical score. Thank you for sharing this special song with us Gian Carlo. -Lisa

Grazie mille!