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* Monique wrote: "The second to last line 'arriba la barca' means 'long live the boat' or 'up with the boat'. I've just listened to another version that goes 'arriba la barca, abajo el barquero' (up with the boat, down with the boatman)."

You can hear another version of this song sung here.

Game Instructions

Two children join hands and put their arms up to make an arch The other kids form a line and pass under the arch while the song is sung. At the end of the song, the two forming the arch lower their arms and catch the kid passing under it. Then the game continues.



Thanks to Monique Palomares for singing Al pasar la barca for us!

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Al pasar la barca

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Esther Patruno for contributing this song and to Monique Palomares for translating it (with a little help from Lisa Yannucci). Thanks to Lila for the drawing.

¡Muchas gracias!