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Some of the German language in this song is old-fashioned.


Bud Sherman sent another version. Here it is with an English translation and a note from him:

"My Schwabische grandmother [from the Swabian Alps], born in 1876, had a more scary version of this lullaby.

Schlaf, Kindche, Schlaf.
Im Garten Sind die Schaf.
Sei all dei willen
Meine Kindche beissen!


Sleep, baby, sleep
In the garden are the sheep
They all want to bite
My Baby.

I asked my Mom how this was supposed to make the baby sleepy, instead of alert and petrified.

She had no answer, just that that was the way her mom had sung it."


Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Schlaf, Kindlein, schlaf! (III)

Thanks and Acknowledgements

The 1st version of the song and the score and tune come from The Baby's Bouquet (circa 1878), by Walter Crane. Translated by Lisa Yannucci and Monique Palomares.

Thanks to Bud Sherman for sharing his grandmother's version of this song!

Vielen Dank!