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Shirley Stump shared this Chinese New Year Song with the note:

"Happy Chinese New Year for the 10th of February, this song is very popular in China.  It has a very catchy chorus that I sing at my music classes for preschool children.

The chorus is:

Gong-Xi Gong-Xi Gong-Xi Ni Ya,
Gong-Xi Gong-Xi Gong-Xi Ni."

English translation:

Congratulations, congratulations to you, yeah!
Congratulations, congratulations to you!

The song title, 恭喜恭喜 (Gōngxǐ gōngxǐ) literally means, "congratulations, congratulations".  It’s a sentiment of best wishes for the New Year.  Below you’ll find the video, the Chinese lyrics, Pinyin pronunciation and a translation of the song…

Chinese Lyrics:





English Translation:

On every street and pathway,
On everyone’s lips,
The first thing we say is,
"Good wishes, good wishes."

Good wishes, good wishes to you, yeah!
Good wishes, good wishes to you!

Winter has come to an end,
That is really good news,
A warm spring breeze is
Blowing to wake up the earth.

Good wishes, good wishes to you, yeah!
Good wishes, good wishes to you!

Translation by Mama Lisa.

Pinyin Pronunciation:

Měi tiáo dà jiē xiǎo xiàng,
měi ge rén de zuǐ lǐ,
jiàn miàn dì yī jù huà,
jiù shì gōng xǐ gōng xǐ

Gōng xǐ gōng xǐ gōng xǐ nǐ ya,
Gōng xǐ gōng xǐ gōng xǐ nǐ

Dōng tiān yǐ dào jìn tóu
zhēn shì hǎo de xiāo xī
wēn nuǎn de chūn fēng
jiù yào chuī xǐng dà dì

Gōng xǐ gōng xǐ gōng xǐ nǐ ya
Gōng xǐ gōng xǐ gōng xǐ nǐ

Thanks to Shirley for pointing out this song!

You can find the full lyrics to Gong Xi Gong Xi here.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Mama Lisa


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2 Responses to “Chinese New Year Kids Song – Gong-xi Gong-xi with a YouTube”

  1. Free Chinese New Year Songs and Rhymes for Circle Time - Says:

    […] Chinese New Year Kids Song – “Gong-xi Gong-xi” with a YouTube from Mama Lisa’s World […]

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi. Your gong xi gong xi lyrics are good but you don’t have the tones for the pīnyīn

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