Time for Snow Ice Cream!

IMG_20130208_200702If it’s snowing near you, put a container outside to collect some clean snow to make ice cream!

Once you’ve gotten enough snow, add vanilla and either sweetened condensed milk or a little milk with sugar.  Stir and adjust to taste.  Eat right away!
IMG_20130208_150007Results of My Snow Ice Cream Experiment:

In the photo at the top, you can see two types I made.  The one on the left was made with Maple Agave Syrup, milk, vanilla and a little sugar mixed in with the snow.  At first it tasted great like maple gelato, but it got icy very quickly.

The one on the right was made with Trader Joe’s Organic Sweetened Condensed Milk, vanilla, a little sugar and milk.  That one tasted a lot like vanilla ice cream and stayed creamy longer.  That one won hands down!  IMG_20130208_200252

Enjoy!  -Mama Lisa

Variation: Add chocolate syrup to your recipe.

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