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Wlazł Kotek Na Płotek I Mruga
(Polish Kids Song)

Wlazł Kotek Na Płotek I Mruga
A Kitten Sits on a Fence
Children's Song
Children's Song

Wlazł kotek na płotek i mruga,
i mruga,
ładna to piosenka niedługa,

Nie długa, nie krótka, lecz w sam raz,
lecz w sam raz.
Zaspiewaj koteczku jeszcze raz,
jeszcze raz.

A kitten sits on the fence and he blinks,
And he blinks.
It's a very pretty song, and it's not long,
It's not long.

Not long and not short, but just right,
But just right.
Come on, little kitten, sing again,
Sing again.

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Kasia wrote me in December 2004, "Here are some rhymes and songs from Poland... My daughter is a year and a half old now and is in the phase of singing - which basically means that I'm singing and she's trying to repeat after me, which is very sweet. To avoid monotony, I mix English songs with the Polish ones, and this inspired me to submit some of them to you guys."

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Kasia Koscielska for contributing and translating this traditional song from Poland.


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