This song was known in Germany back in 1885 and was regarded as a song, "sung in happy children's circles at Christmas-time with pleasure." -Wikipedia (In German)


*Literally, "in every room".


"This song is said to come from England in the 19th century. An English original is, however, unknown. The German text is occasionally attributed to August Heinrich Hoffmann of Fallersleben. In the works of Hoffmann, however, the poem can not be found. So far the oldest verifiable version can be found in a German-language songbook entitled 'Liederlust und Psalter', composed by Heinrich Liebhart in 1882 for use in Methodist Sunday schools and published in Cincinnati." -Wikipedia (In German)



Sung by Gaby.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Fröhliche Weihnacht überall

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Sheet Music: 'Liederlust und Psalter', composed by Heinrich Liebhart in 1882 and published in Cincinnati.

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