There are 10 verses to this song, 2 through 9 are identical, only the number at the very beginning of each verse is different.


* This line can be found as "şi fiindcă ea nu se rupea"; both "pentru" and "fiindcă" mean "as, because, since".

** Alternate version of the 10th verse:

Zece elefanţi se legănau*
Pe o pânză de păianjen.
Şi pentru că pânză s-a rupt,
Toţi elefanţii au cazut!

English Translation

Ten elephants were swinging
On a cobweb.
And because the web broke,
All the elephants fell down.


Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Un elefant se legăna

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Monique for providing and translating this song!


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