"Guld-höna" (gold-hen) and "guld-ko" (gold-cow) meant "ladybug" in Sweden.

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Here's a similar version as found in the book Runa: en skrift för nordens fornvänner (1844) by Riis...

Gull-höna, gullknopp!
Flyg söder, flyg norr;
Flyg dit min käraste bor.
Åt det håll, dit nu den lilla flyger
- der bor han, eller hon.

Loose translation:

Gold-hen, gold bud!
Fly south, fly north;
Fly to where my dearest lives.
The direction, which the little one now flies
- where he lives, or she.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

This rhyme and translation can be found in Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales, A Sequel to the Nursery Rhymes of England (1849) by James Orchard Halliwell.

Halliwell wrote, "For the two pretty Swedish songs which follow I am indebted to the MS. of Mr. Stephens. The first [this rhyme] is common in the southern parts of that country, the other in the northern."

Translated modernized by Mama Lisa.

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