This song is traditionally sung on St Nicholas' Eve on December 5...


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Dann stell ich den Teller auf,
Nik'laus legt gewiß was drauf.


Wenn ich schlaf, dann träume ich,
jetzt bringt Nik'laus was für mich.


Wenn ich aufgestanden bin,
lauf ich schnell zu dem Teller hin.


Nik'laus ist ein guter Mann,
dem man nicht genug danken kann!


Then I set up the plate*,
Nick will certainly put something on it.


When I sleep, then I dream
Nick now brings something for me.


When I get up,
I'll dash to the plate.


Nick is a good man,
Who cannot be thanked enough!


*On St. Nicholas eve, kids put out letters for St. Nick and food for his horse on a plate or in their shoes (like in Spain). In the middle of the night, St. Nick fills all the "good" kids plates or shoes with fruit, nuts and candy. The bad kids get coal, twigs or potatoes. (You can read more about St. Nicholas in Germany online.)

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Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Lasst uns froh und munter sein

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Lisa Stephan from the German Australian Playschool in Canberra, Australia, for contributing and translating the first verse of this song.

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