Loralee wrote, "Europeans get through the long, dark cold months of winter, by enjoying a Carnival Season. This kicks off in November with children marching from the village church, parading through the streets, singing and carrying lanterns in a Laterne (Lah-tare-nah) Fest. When the children arrive at a bonfire, they receive treats, visit with friends and when their candles go out, they go home." The Lantern Fest is part of the St. Martin Day Festival in Germany.


*The first two lines are literally:

"I walk with my lantern,
And my lantern with me."


Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Ich geh mit meiner Laterne 2

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Loralee Jo Kurzius for contributing and translating this song and for describing the St. Martin's Festival. (Loralee wrote: "I don't have a problem with anybody using my translation for non-commercial/non-profit purposes.")

Thanks also to Monique Palomares for the midi tune.

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