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Little Rabbit
Children's Song
Children's Song

Ειμαι το κουνελακι σου,
Τ'αυτακια μου κουνω.
Και σας παιζω το κρυφτο,
Μεσα στο λαχανοκηπο.
Δεν σας κρατω λογαριασμο.

Αχ!  Κουνελακι, κουνελακι,
Ξυλο που θα το φας!
Μεσα σε ξενο περιβολι,
Τρυπες να μην τρυπας!

Μη μου τα κλινεις τα ματακια,
Μη μου κουνας τ'αυτια,
Μη μου ζαρωνεις την μυτουλα,
Εισαι μια ζωγραφια!

I am your little rabbit,
And I wiggle my little ears.
I'm playing hide-and-seek,
In the cabbage patch field.
I don't have a care in the world.

Oh! Little Rabbit, Little Rabbit,
A spanking you should take.
'Cause in the next-door neighbor's yard,
Holes you should not make.

Don't close your eyes to me,
Don't wiggle your ears to me.
Don't wrinkle your nose to me,
You are so picturesque.


(Greek, transliteration)

Eeme to koonelaki soo
T'avtakia moo koono
Ke sas pezo to krifto
Messa sto lakhanokipo
Then sas krato loghariasmo

Akh! Koonelaki, koonelaki
Xeelo poo tha to fas
Messa se xeno perivoli
Treepess na min treepas

Mee moo ta kleenis ta matakia
Mee moo koonas t'avtia
Mee moo zaronis tin mitoola
Isse mia zoghrafia

e= as in " red"
"kh" as a Spanish "j" or German "ch" in "Bach"
"gh" a voiced gargling sound


Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Marietta Parianos for the lyrics to Little Rabbit, the English translation and the recording. My thanks also go out to Monique Palomares for the transliteration.

Many thanks to Marietta Parianos for singing Little Rabbit for us!

Ευχαριστώ πολύ!

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