Can Anyone Help with a Greek Song that Sounds like, "Ravi to velona sto heraki"?

Chris wrote asking for help with a childhood song from Greece that his father sang.  Here’s his email:

Hi Lisa,

I need some help with this please; I am trying to locate a song my father would sing to my brothers as children.  He’s from Lafkos – Pelion, Magnesia, Greece and the song goes something like:

"Ravi to velona sto heraki, trave tou Heeli – pou kia pou…/ … kia thya fyaxi, mya courveta mavrou tou papou"…

Sorry, that’s as much i remember from it…

Hope someone can fill in the gaps with the proper Greek and English translation…


Sydney, Australia

If anyone can help with the lyrics to this song and/or a translation, please comment below or email me.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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2 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Greek Song that Sounds like, "Ravi to velona sto heraki"?”

  1. Margarita Apostolidou Says:

    As far as I remember it goes like this:

    Kathete n Lilika stin veranda
    kiehei to gataki tns konta
    ki ena kalathaki me girlanda
    ehei stin podia ths kai kenta.

    Ravei sto heraki to veloni
    tragoudoun ta hele pou kai pou
    ki etsi se ligaki, na! telionei
    mia skoufitsa mavri tou pappou.

    Translation: Lilika sits on the veranda and she has her kitten near, and a basket with garland on her apron (lap) and does needle work. The needle sews in her little hand, her lips sing now and then and in a alittle while, there! she finishes a little black hood for grandpa. (ask a greek friend for the pronnounciation.)

  2. Sophie Says:


    Whilst I am not familiar with this song, I have a similar enquiry regarding an old interactive song my Father used to sing to us. He was from Krioneri in Athens.

    The game/ song may have been called Avi Rivi Ritsa (could be one word, not sure) or something close to that as it was repeated throughout the song. The interactive part involved making your hands into a fist and alternating them with whoever was playing into a tower one on top of the other, then trying to unlock them going downwards whilst singing the song.

    I would really appreciate any information as to the lyrics or any other details if this is familiar to anyone else out there.

    Many Thanks

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