Greek Easter Egg Game

Here’s how you play the Greek Easter Egg Game…

1. Hard boil eggs and dye them red.  In Greece, it’s traditional to dye eggs red for Easter.


2. Two players pick an egg.  Player one clacks (taps) her egg on the top of player two’s egg. 

3.  Both players turn over their eggs. 

4.  Player 2 clacks his egg on the top on player one’s egg.

5.  You can continue the game with other players.

5.  Whichever player has the egg that didn’t crack, or that cracked the least has the lucky egg!  They will have luck all year long!

Watch how it’s done below…

Demonstration of Greek Easter Egg Game


Demonstration 2 of Greek Easter Egg Game

My sister-in-law Dale told me how some people will buy a wooden egg that looks like a real egg dyed red.  Then the person will use it in the game as a joke – because their wooden egg will always win against a real egg!

Many thanks to Dale and Corrina for sharing this tradition with us!


Mama Lisa

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