Song of Kites song is pronounced "Tako no uta" in Japanese.


Romanized Version:

tako tako agare
kaze yoku ukete
kumo made agare
ten made agare

edako ni jidako
dochira mo makezu
kumo made agare
ten made agare

are are sagaru
hike hike ito wo
are are sagaru
hanasu na ito wo

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Computerized Text

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Hiragana version

たこたこ あがれ
かぜよく うけて
くもまで あがれ
てんまで あがれ

えだこに じだこ
どちらも まけず
くもまで あがれ
てんまで あがれ

あれあれ さがる
ひけひけ いとを
あれあれ さがる
はなすな いとを



Thanks to Susan Pomerantz for playing this tune on piano.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - たこの歌 (たこのうた)

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to the Japan Information and Culture Center, a part of the Embassy of Japan, for contributing this song, the English translation, the illustration and the musical score. Thanks to Petter Mæhlum for the Romaji text and the computerized Japanese version.

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