Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan in the Time of the Coronavirus


Normally in Japan people have Cherry Blossom Viewing Parties at this time of year with picnics under the trees. This year due to the Coronavirus, people are skipping the parties in the park. They are still taking walks and strolling under the blossoms.

Sadao Mazuka sent these photos from Japan and wrote…

“I took photos of cherry blossoms from the window of a bus. Some people were strolling alongside the cherry trees, but there is no one having party under them. The cherry trees seem two or three days before full blossom here.


We had a sushi-party in our condominium celebrating my grandson’s acceptance to the university. I mean, not going out to any restaurant. In the first floor of our building, there are some food stores, such as a supermarket and convenience store. So, we bought sushi at the supermarket and had a sushi-party in our apartment.

Some are worried about people buying up cleaning materials and food by those who are preparing for social withdrawal. Because we are worried if the Coronavirus is spreading it could become a crisis here in Tokyo.

Yuriko Koike, the governor of Tokyo said that we are just on the edge of an emergency. (See photo)


Be well!”


Thank you for sharing Sadao! May you and your family be well too! -Mama Lisa

Here’s a link to a Japanese song called 花 – Cherry Blossoms that’s sung at this time of year.

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