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A Little Balloon (Circle Game)
A Little Ladybird (Finger Play) MP3  
God is Born (A Carol) MP3
Silent Night (A Carol) Midi
Good Night (Lullaby)  Midi
Ene, due, rabe (Counting-out Rhyme)
A Crayfish Comes (Nursery Rhyme)  
Clap, Clap, Little Hands (Hand Clapping Song)  
On St. Nicholas Day (St. Nicholas Poem) MP3
From the Ashtray of Wojtuś (Lullaby)  MP3 Midi
Mister John   MP3 Midi
Old Brown Bear (Circle Game) MP3  
Luck, Luck, Pretty Teddy Bear (Counting-out Rhyme)
Go, Go Horsey! (Nursery Rhyme)
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    Season’s greetings! At Mama Lisa’s World there’s no time of year we love better than the holidays! We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently added the following Christmas Carols to Mama Lisa’s World with mp3 recordings and YouTube videos: Italian Dormi, dormi, bel Bambin (Sleep, Sleep Beautiful Child) Tu scendi dalle stelle (You Come Down […] Read more »
  • John Ziak wrote asking for help with two childhood songs: Lisa, I have been searching for sometime to find a song/nursery rhyme that my grandfather sang to me when I was young.  He passed away 16 years ago and no one in my family can remember any more words than I.  The song originates from […] Read more »
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    On All Saints’ Day, Agnieszka Magnucka, who’s from Poland, wrote: "Light a candle for those who you love but who’ve passed away." ***** That started a correspondence between us about All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day in Poland... Lisa: Do you celebrate All Souls’ Day in Poland? Agnieszka: Yes, Lisa (November 1st is All […] Read more »
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    My friend Maria Hayda, who has family from Ukraine, wrote: "Lisa, pussy willow is what we use for our Easters :) since Eastern Europe is unable to grow palm trees... My Grandmother had a huge bouquet she saved thru the decades. Now I’ve started my own bouquet." According to Wikipedia, "The flowering shoots of pussy […] Read more »
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    A book of illustrated Polish Fairy Tales translated into English was recently posted online. Here are three of the illustrations by Cecile Walton…  Check out the book at Project Gutenberg. Enjoy! Mama Lisa Read more »
  • Susann wrote, Hi everyone, I’m searching a polish children’s song about a doll named “Susha”. I don’t know if i got that name right, because i don’t speak polish, but it sounds like that. Someone sang it to me when i was little, because i reminded her of that doll. It’s just a small song, […] Read more »
  • Kari wrote: Do you know the Polish song I think goes, mischka mischka mischka timidowa? It was told to kids by holding their hand and making circles on their palm, then squeezing their fingers and then going up their arms saying something like poli vally Vicki. Any help would be great to know what the […] Read more »
  • Here are three requests for help I’ve received about Polish nursery rhymes and songs… 1) Carol wrote: I am trying to find nursery rhyme, from Poland, my mother use to tell us in Polish. It was about a hen and my mom would peck on the palms of our hand saying in Polish – tim […] Read more »

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