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Aussi, Aussi, Aussi (Sports Chant)  
Australians Let Us BBQ (Christmas Song)
Babes in the Woods (Traditional Song)
Bluebells, Cockleshells (Jump Rope Rhyme)
Botany Bay (Traditional Song)  MP3 Midi
Click Go the Shears (Traditional Song)  
Deck the Sheds (Christmas Song)  Midi
G'day MP3
Hickup, Hickup, Go Away! (Nursery Rhyme)
I Still Call Australia Home (Traditional Song)
My Boyfriend Gave Me an Apple (Hand-clapping Song)  
One Potato, Two Potato (Counting-out Rhyme)  
Racing Car Number 9 (Counting Out Rhyme)
Ring the Bell (Play Rhyme)
Six White Boomers (Christmas Song)
The Sea (Hand Rhyme)
Waltzing Matilda (Traditional Song)
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Here are some of Mama Lisa's recent posts about the music, culture and traditions of Australia:
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    Did you ever wonder whether specific proverbs and idiomatic expressions are still used in the English language?  Here I discuss some phrases that begin with the letter "A" and how well-known they are.  These proverbs are specifically about animals.  They can be found on the site The Phrase Finder.  The discussion here is specially from... Read more »
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    Duck, Duck, Goose is a game every English-speaking kindergartener knows.  In other cultures, there’s a similar game called Drop the Handkerchief.  Here’s the difference... Duck, Duck, Goose To play Duck, Duck, Goose the kids sit in a circle except for the one who’s "It".  The person who is "It" goes around tapping each child’s head saying "Duck". ... Read more »
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    Can you imagine seeing a Giant Rubber Duck floating in a river by you?  A Giant Rubber Duck has been sited in some major cities around the world! The Rubber Duck sculpture was created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.   It’s been part of a tour called "Spreading Joy around the World". The hope is to help... Read more »
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    "The Swing" is a poem that describes something all kids have thought of while swinging... What if I went really high up on the swing? What would I see? You can read "The Swing" below and listen to a wonderful recording of it. It was recited by a boy named Willy.  MP3 Recording of The Swing The... Read more »
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    Vanuatu is a country that consists of a group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean. There’s a kids game that’s played there called, "What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?"  This game is played throughout the English-speaking world. How to play "What’s the Time Mr. Wolf": The kids go around in a circle like a clock. They say: One,... Read more »
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    Rock-a-bye Baby is one of the best known lullabies of the English language.  Usually people only sing one verse (the 1st verse in the lyrics below).  Here’s a longer version that’s really sweet.  You can read the lyrics while listening to Frances Turnbull’s rendition below... MP3 of Long Version of Rock-a-bye Baby... Read more »
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    Here’s a poem called "A Boy’s Song" by Scottish poet, James Hogg, with a fun musical recording by Ezwa. Recording of A Boy’s Song A Boy’s Song By James Hogg   Where the pools are bright and deep,            Where the grey trout lies asleep,       Up the river and over the lea, That’s the way... Read more »
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    Here’s a lovely poem about The Wind by Robert Louis Stevenson with a couple of mp3 renditions. MP3 of The Wind 2nd MP3 of The Wind The Wind   I saw you toss the kites on high And blow the birds about the sky; And all around I heard you pass, Like ladies’ skirts across the grass– O wind, a-blowing all day long, O wind,... Read more »
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    Reduplications are words or phrases that contain a duplicated element.  An example is the phrase "riffraff".  The two parts of the word are almost the same (i.e. "riff" and "raff"), but they have a small change (the vowels).  When you have a rhyming reduplication, the duplicated element rhymes with the original element in the phrase. ... Read more »
  • Peter wrote asking for help with a song his grandmother sang him.  Here’s his email: Hello, I was hoping you’d be able to help with a song my grandmother sang to us when we were kids. It seems nobody can remember the whole thing but it starts like this: "There was a young man who lived on... Read more »

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